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KUB Recruitment Marketing

Save time and money and take back control. Let us help you do the marketing to fill your next vacancy whilst you manage the CV processing, interviews and induction. No more expensive agency fees and you get the candidates you need for the role.

Discovery Session

What are you looking to achieve? What is your employee value proposition? Is it good enough to attract the right staff.

Employee Value Proposition

What has your company got to offer to attract the best? Great culture? Great prospects?

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

How much is your employee turnover costing you? What are the hidden and lost opportunity costs?

Recruitment Marketing

What is the best marketing approach to get to the best candidates?

What is recruitment marketing?

You are familiar with a traditional recruitment agency. They sit down with you, get your requirements and then on a results basis go off and find you suitable candidates for you to interview. The problem that you face is that the percentages that are charged are commensurate with the risk that they are taking.

We take a different approach. Using our digital skills we do the marketing for you and combined with an applicant tracking system give you the tools to efficiently sift through the CVs so that you only spend time on the candidates of interest to you.

If required, we will sit down with you and look at how you can improve your employee value proposition as it’s not just the package you are offering but the whole experience.

The change is that you need to market to both your customers AND your employees if you want sustainable growth with a dynamic and motivated team.

KUB Recruitment Services

Recruitment marketing services to help build the best team using a sustainable approach whilst staying in control. 

Social Media for Recruitment

If you are to be seen as the employer of choice, you need to be seen on social media. This will be the first place the younger generations look to check you out. Social Media management should be a cornerstone of any recruitment marketing.

Active LinkedIn Recruitment

For some jobs, where demand outstrips supply then there is no choice but to market to potential candidates directly. Our recruitment manager has many years experience of confidentially approaching potential candidates.

Micro Employer Branded Websites

Most company websites are setup for attracting new customers. They aren’t setup to market to prospective employees. We have developed a templated approach to quickly building an employer branded website so that you can market to prospective candidates.

Data Monitoring & Analysis

The key to successful digital marketing is monitoring and analysis. Digital marketing produces hundreds of statistics but if you carefully select the right ones, they can help you do more of what works.

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