Identify your Recruitment Requirements

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Recruitment RequirementsHow to Identify your Recruitment Requirements

The process to effectively recruit the right candidate starts long before the actual recruitment procedure begins.  Make sure you are clear on what you are trying to achieve in your business or organisation.  You should also have spent time thinking about what you would like the role to accomplish.  It can cost up to double an employee’s salary to recruit them as there are a lot of hidden costs to take into account, like pension payments, national insurance, office space, equipment, holiday cover etc. 

Before getting to the hiring stage, really think out the following:

  • Are the tasks identified essential?
  • Have you slimmed down the tasks as much as you can?
  • Could the tasks be automated?
  • Could they be outsourced?
  • Is this an opportunity to upskill another member of the team?

Once you are satisfied that the role is definitely needed, you should then consider the following:

  • List the most important duties and responsibilities – no more than 6 should be listed
  • Describe the interaction with others – leaders, peers, suppliers, customers etc.
  • What are the potential sources of satisfaction? – no more than 5 should be listed
  • Where could dissatisfaction lie? – no more than 5 should be listed
  • What career progression is available?
  • What is required for the right candidate to fulfil the role? – experience, skills, knowledge, equipment, accredited training etc.
  • What attitude and behaviours should the perfect candidate possess?
  • The values of the company should be listed in order to get the right culture fit.
  • Consider specific situational factors that may be needed for the role – e.g. long hours, overtime, shift work, weekend work, travel, relocation, physical demands etc.

From this exercise, your job description and person specification will develop.

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