Free Recruitment Marketing Review

Review what's working and what could be better

It’s getting harder to recruit the right people to join your team. You put an ad on a job board and everyone applies regardless whether their CV even comes close to what you are looking for. A new approach is required that makes it easier to filter out the noise and get to the candidates that matter.

Either by phone or face to face meeting we can review your recruitment marketing and offer suggestions on how you can improve what you are doing and, if appropriate, offer how we could help.

The Review Covers:

Your Employee Value Proposition

  • Workplace Culture
  • Work Content
  • Career Development
  • Benefits
  • Remuneration

Job Details

Marketing Tools

  • Job Boards (Indeed, Google Jobs, others)
  • Your Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Marketing Automation

Applicant Tracking System

Complete the online form with your details and we will contact you within 48 hours to either arrange a meeting at your offices if you are local or by phone if not.