We find the candidates for your next job opening.

KUB Recruitment Marketing

We connect with good candidates who may not be actively looking
Recruitment Marketing Discovery Session

Discovery Session

In our discovery session we sit down with you and find out what you are looking to achieve. We review with you your employee value proposition (EVP). An employee value proposition is more than just a list of benefits, it also needs to include how their career might develop, the benefits of their future work environment and the overall culture of the business.

Employer Brand Awareness

Recruitment marketing is no different from any other sort of marketing. You need to build awareness that you are a great employer to work for and share your values with them. We use social media to promote your employee value proposition and so raise awareness of your employer brand.
Employer Branding
Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

To reach the right audience on social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn you need to have a carefully planned and executed advertising. This promotes your job opening to potential candidates who may not be job hunting but who will consider opportunities to advance their careers or increase their pay.

Recruiter Campaign

Sometimes, for those hard to fill roles then you simply need to use LinkedIn to find those elusive candidates. We take a two pronged approach here so that you build up a bank of future candidates and also find suitable candidates for the current role. We use LinkedIn to build up the profile & connections of the HR person in the business and also approach potential candidates through our own profile. We qualify any candidates that we source through this route.
KUB LinkedIn Recruiter Campaign
Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

For security and efficiency we use an applicant tracking system to distribute the job advert to selected job boards as well as using it as a destination for social media advertising and LinkedIn recruitment. We use an applicant tracking system called Zoho Recruit. As we are not a recruitment agency, you will need to process the applicants. We do work closely with an HR company who will be very happy to help if you need support with the assessment, interview and  induction process.