What Digital Marketing Technology is used in Recruitment Marketing?

The array of digital marketing technology is bewildering at times and it continues to grow in depth & complexity. This article is designed to highlight some of the tools you need to be thinking about if you are struggling to recruit the right staff through your normal channels.

1. Website

Your website or for larger companies or those with more challenging recruitment requirements an employer branded micro-site is essential to allow potential candidates to find out more about your employee value proposition. Basically, your employee value proposition needs to comprise: workplace culture, work content, career, benefits & remuneration. This needs to be communicated through your website and social media.

2. Applicant Tracking System

Currently, you may accept CVs sent in as attachments to emails. However, this poses a big security risk to your business as effectively you are making it easy for hackers to pretend to be a job applicant (even to the point they create a fictitious LinkedIn profile) and the CV including PDFs then might have some malware embedded in it that can compromise your system.

If all applicants go through an applicant tracking system then they have better protection in place to eliminate any issues. The main benefit from an applicant tracking system is that it allows you to quickly sort out the applicants that you want to progress and makes sure you know where each person is up to in the process. These systems are also integrated with the job boards and so you can get your ad to more people by easily accessing more job boards.

As we work with smaller companies we recommend the use of Zoho Recruit or Recruitee 

3. Job Boards

If you want you job to be noticed then you need to be seen and available on the Job Boards. The top job board at the moment is Indeed If you have used an Applicant Tracking System then you should consider which of the other boards you need to post to. Also be aware the Google Jobs is gaining traction. The only way to get on to Google Jobs (and its not under your control) is via a job board such as TotalJobs. Putting the job on Indeed will not get you on to Google Jobs. To see Google Jobs in action, type in your job title + jobs. The first section which has a blue banner should be Google Jobs postings.

4. Facebook Advertising

You may now have heard of the phrase, “pay to play”. This means that unless the people who like your page actually comment on and share it then nobody else other than your followers is going to see it. This means Facebook Advertising. With careful application you can attract the right applicants with this technique.

5. Direct Approach on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the most accessible and up to date database of potential applicants on the planet. Here using a conversational marketing approach you can approach passive job seekers who may already be in a good job and so not really looking but maybe interested if they were approached with the right employee value proposition.

If you would like to review how you find and attract the right candidates, take a look at our free recruitment marketing review