LinkedIn Recruiter Campaign

LinkedIn has become a great way to identify the best talent in the market. It is an easy way to understand if candidates on paper will suit the skills needed and culture to thrive in your business. From a full job qualification and company discovery session, our experienced recruitment manager will be responsible for attracting the talent you desire. In short, we will cover your company, history, team, cultural fit, social environment, skills required to be a success in your team. Working alongside your marketing campaign, we will ensure they both play hand in hand to attract the talent you desire.

Our ethos is to not only focus on those immediately available and actively seeking work, more-so those hidden gems in the market. These candidates are not actively looking for a new role but are actively listening to what better opportunities there are available. It is by doing this we can leave every stone uncovered, identifying who the best people are for your business. We will drive your bespoke marketing campaign and act as consultants at a mere fraction of the cost you would normally pay for a recruiter.

After finding who we believe on paper would thrive in your business, we will have a screening interview with them to ensure they culturally will fit in your team. For example, we could expect 100 people to come up in our search from LinkedIn, of which 25 are a ‘good fit’ on paper, again after a screening interview these would go down to 4-6 for you to interview (with the confidence we can act as your eyes and ears in the market for new talent). A lot of work goes on behind the scenes of your LinkedIn to make the hiring process efficient for you. Let us deal with the number crunching activities whilst you focus on the end stages of the process, picking the best people for your team.

Recruiter Campaign

As we offer recruitment marketing rather than being a recruitment agency we do not charge a percentage of salary like an agency would. We charge by campaign and each campaign is tailored to your needs depending on what is required in order to achieve the results you want.

For a free recruitment marketing diagnostic, please go to Free Recruitment Marketing Review or call us 0345 053 7417 for a confidential chat about your recruitment requirements.